Apr 16

Even one of the biggest Aussie Developers do it

Vendor Finance

At Meriton we are able to assist clients in purchasing a Meriton apartment by offering a low cost mortgage loan. Whether you are a resident or non-resident, investor or owner, Meriton Property Finance will gladly consider your application.

What do we offer?

Meriton Property Finance offers up to 90% of the purchase price on a 2 year fixed interest only loan, which means you only need to put down a minimum 10% deposit. Meriton combines competitive interest rates with no valuations or valuation fees, no mortgage insurance, no brokerage fees and no early payout penalty fees.

Why Meriton Property Finance?

Up to 90% lend of the purchase price     Fixed interest rate for up to 2 years     No early discharge penalty fees     No valuation fees     No mortgage insurance payable     No brokerage fees     Pre-payment of interest allowed with no penalty     Lump sum principal reductions with no penalty     80% lend available to self managed super funds     48 hr approvals

How it works

Once you have applied and your loan has been approved, the interest rate is fixed and the approval is valid until you are required to settle. Unlike a traditional lender, Meriton does not adjust the interest rate on any loan after it is approved. Once you have settled, loan interest payments are debited by direct debit from your nominated bank account on the first business day of each month. Pre-payment of monthly interest and lump sum principal reductions are allowable. You may discharge your loan penalty-free at any stage. The loan is for 2 years only and must be discharged on expiry. The finance cannot be extended with Meriton beyond the 2 year term.

What does it cost?

An application fee of $1000 is required to be paid at time of lodging the application. It is only refundable if Meriton Property Finance declines your application.


From the Meriton website.