Home Ownership Solutions for Australian Families with No Bank Home Loans.

 Do you want to own your own home but cannot get a foot in the door?

You are not alone. Approximately 80% of  home loan applications are denied by the banks. Many of these people can afford the repayments with relative ease; but for one reason or another bank said no.

Are you stuck in Rental Slavery where the cost of rent just keeps rising?

Did you know that a home loan payment stays relatively the same for the duration of a loan( that’s up to 30 years with little change); whereas rents rise every time you re-sign your lease. Then of course there is the cost of the near constant moving as landlords sell the houses as well.

We have a solution!

Banks are not the only choice for home ownership. Traditionally real estate was sold with Seller Finance or Vendors Terms in Australia directly from the owner to the purchaser. This old method has now been resurrected and adapted to meet the needs of a modern society.

The No Bank Home Loan

Getting a bank loan, paying the deposit they want you to at the time that you want to buy a house is not always possible. You may have been brought up to believe that this is the only way that you can buy a house in Australia, but it is not true. You can buy a house directly from the owner with No Bank Home Loan. Let us show you how you can buy your own home by buying from us with the no bank home loan system.